Sunday, April 14, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: Alright, I gave up on Outline. I got halfway through and it was just too dense for me and I didn't care about anyone in the book. I am officially not as intellectual as Natalie Portman. No one is shocked. I finished The Homecoming on our trip and now I'm reading Under the Dome.  

Writing: My daily grateful email to my mom and sister, updating my LinkedIn and Facebook to show that I got a job (woohoo!), and this blog post.

Listening: To our scanner trying to figure out how to scan a damn document, but can't quite do it, my fingers on the keyboard, and that's it. The dogs are in bed asleep and Mike is at his Sunday soccer game.

Thinking: That I'm glad I finally got a job, but am also super nervous about it!

Smelling:  Myself. Is that weird? I just worked out, so.....

Wishing: That everything will work out with the new job and that I will get my scanner to work.

Wearing: Old Navy blue and black flowered workout leggings, Nike sneakers, a black long sleeved workout top, and a white sweater on top because it's chilly in here. 

Loving: That Mike woke me up early so we could get our Red Rocks workout in and have breakfast before his soccer game.

Wanting:  This purse/fanny pack for my next European vacation, this outfit to wear to the winery today, these CBD gummies that I finally bit the bullet and ordered to show up soon, this for dinner, and this book that I have on hold at the library to come in.

Needing: To scan my offer letter back to my new boss, to go shower and get ready for my day, and to drink more water.

Feeling: Excited, nervous, sleepy, and happy.

Clicking: gmail, CBD gummies websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Goodreads


So pleased that my library volunteer card mentions cheese. 

It's my sister's birthday today! She's the best!


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