Friday, April 5, 2019

Things I've Liked Lately

I'm unemployed right now and home pretty much all day so I have a lot of time to be on the internet or watch tv or read books and here are some of those things that I have enjoyed lately you're welcome, I can't stop this run on sentence, someone save me.

After Life on Netflix

I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais and I find his snarky humor funny so I may be a little biased, but this show was really special. It's funny and real and heartfelt and I kind of already want to watch it again. It's definitely sad, but also makes you laugh and makes you want to go be nice to a random stranger and also to hug your dog(s).

Shrill on Hulu

I just binge watched this show in two days and was honestly pretty devastated to learn it only had six episodes. It's so funny, but also, I'm not sure I've ever had a show make me feel like I got punched right in the heart before. It's pretty fucking hard to be a woman right now. We are surrounded by things that make us feel bad about ourselves and our administration makes us feel like what we say doesn't matter, what we want to do with our bodies doesn't matter, what men have done to us doesn't matter, and that we just aren't ever enough. This show portrays all of that so perfectly and vulnerably and it makes you just want to say fuck it and go dance and be your own freakin' cheerleader for once.

The Southern Reach trilogy
Mike and I finally watched Annihilation and really enjoyed it even though that bear scene is mothereffing terrifying. The books are a lot different, but not in a way that makes you hate the movie. They are way more deep and detailed and just dang weird. I enjoyed reading them, even though at points they can get a little bogged down and overly psychoanalytical. The twists in the final book are worth it all.

The Duolingo app
I'm pretty nervous about our upcoming trip to Paris, but the free duolingo app is helping me to feel a little more confident about being able to communicate. It's actually pretty fun to use and if you do it on the toilet like Mike, you'll be done in no time.

Sleeping Beauties, The Long Walk, and Elevation by Stephen King

I don't really like horror, not when it comes to movies or books, so I never was interested in reading anything by Stephen King. I read a few here and there, but it wasn't until recently that I've realized just how great a writer he is. I somehow got hooked on The Dark Tower series and after I was done, tried to find some other works that weren't so "horrory" like Carrie or Pet Semetary. The three above are freaking phenomenal. I can't talk about Sleeping Beauties enough. It's seriously gorgeously written. It's poignant and sad and hopeful and ugh. So good. The Long Walk is painful to read, but really great and Elevation is so different for him, it's really pretty and special. The Dark Tower series, it should be noted, is also really great if you have time to read multiple books that are over 700 pages long. And don't watch the movie.

Matt Haig's Twitter

And obviously his books, but I love his tweets. He's so good at explaining depression and anxiety in a concise and easy to understand way. I often read his tweets out loud to Mike as a way to explain myself and how I feel to him.

Hannah Good

Liz Climo
Artists on Instagram sharing awesome and adorable cartoons. Two of my current faves are above. Social media can sometimes be really negative or make you feel comparative and bad about yourself, but it can also give you levity, humor, and little pieces of art that make you feel happy or silly or empowered like these. That's why I stick around. And so I can post photos of my dogs.

My Favorite Murder Podcast  (photo via)
Okay I'm not just loving this podcast "lately", like for years, but I haven't talked about it here, so there you go. It's so good, especially for people like me who have always loved true crime. They are also funny and relatable and super open about their anxieties and therapy and just life shit. I love them.

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