Saturday, April 13, 2019

Packing for Paris

We recently returned from our trip to Paris and trust me, I'll be posting a ton of photos about our trip, but first I wanted to share what I packed.

Packing for this trip was harder than others because I felt some extra pressure to not look like a gross American tourist because, well, it's PARIS! Also, I'm always a bad packer in this weather because it's not hot, not cold, it's all about layering and is unpredictable. I struggle with that. All in all, I think I did pretty well, although I didn't stick with all my planned outfits. I had the intentions to wear my Rothy's sneakers most of the trip, but my feet got pretty swollen with all the walking we did and they weren't comfortable with puffy feet. I will say, I'm glad we didn't wear ugly tourist shoes, but we could have worn a little more comfortable shoes for sure. I didn't get any blisters, which is honestly the goal, but my feet HURT. So bad. Like I teared up at one point. Doing 30k steps a few days in a row will do that to you.

For my travel outfit out there, I wanted to be comfortable since we were taking a red eye and I was hoping to sleep, but I didn't want to look like I was in my pajamas when we landed in Paris. I also wanted to layer so I could stay warm on the plane.

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Some of these aren't the exact pieces I wore, but it's pretty dang close. The American Giant joggers are super comfy and my Rothy's were easy to slip on and off in security and on the plane. My actual Harry Potter sweater is by Neena Creates on Etsy, but it's so old, she doesn't have the exact one anymore. 

So, we landed, took a taxi to our hotel, showered, got ready, and headed out for a busy half day in Paris! This is what I wore:

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Again, not my exact pieces since pretty much everything I own is too old to still be online. I've got to give a ton of credit to my trusty Chucks, because they took a beating this trip! I wore the same no show socks I linked to in the first look and I cannot recommend them enough. They literally don't slip ever, even after more than 30,000 steps.

Day two, we were going to do a cheese tasting and had breakfast reservations so I wanted to be cute with room for food, here's what I wore:

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Not gonna lie, I was pretty cold in the morning in this outfit, but thankfully it warmed up.

Day 3 I needed to change up my shoes because youch and I wanted to be a little warmer since the day before I was pretty chilly. Here is what I wore:

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A couple things about this outfit: first, I wear those American Giant leggings looser than she does, so they are more like pants, not workout leggings. Second, that is obviously not the sweater I wore because that one is PRICEY. Mine was an old Forever21 piece that is no longer online. But we all would like to afford the one I used, right?!

By day 4 we were a litttle over it because we overdid it so much the first three days, but we still went out and walked and ate and saw. Here is what I wore:

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This one was pretty impossible to correctly recreate. The sweater is not bat wing in real life and is by designer Jeffery Parish who I cannot find a web presence for anymore and the top is an old J.Crew color blocked light sweater with pink sleeves, a pink bottom, and maroon details.

Towards the end of the day, we stopped back at our hotel to pee, change, and let me cry about my feet for a second and I changed into this:

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Day 5 was mostly a travel day, so I pretty much repeated my outfit from day 1:

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And now we're home and I've only worn pajamas, leggings, and workout clothes, yay!

A couple things I learned:  1) not wearing athletic sneakers is admirable, but get more supportive cute shoes if you're going to walk that much, 2) all the people saying not to wear a ton of color because Parisians don't do that are full of crap, 3) this jean jacket was worth every penny, 4) bring those high waist jeans you hesitated to bring because you are going to feel so fat by day two, you'll want something to suck you in, 5) you're never going to be the weirdest looking person walking around so wear whatever the hell you want, and 6) don't wear a beret, just don't.


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