Friday, December 28, 2012


We had a lovely little first East Coast Christmas
We packed up the pups and drove to my dad's.

Then we realized we forgot to give Gizmo his doggy dramomine and he repaid us by barfing twice in two hours all over the backseat.
Poor corgi.
After we dropped the dogs off at the kennel (where I cried like a baby) and Mike cleaned up corgi barf, we settled in at my dad's.
Which mainly consisted of eating, relaxing, and cuddling their dog Oscar and cat Cosmo.

We baked some perfect Mike cookies.

We drove around fancy neighborhoods to look at their Christmas lights.

One morning, I woke up to a cat in my bed (terrifying).

And to top off a lovely holiday, it snowed the day after Christmas

(Note to self:  Always bring snow boots even if the forecast doesn't say snow.  That way, you aren't traipsing around in snow and ice in your leather sperry's.)

Then we packed up our loot, said goodbye to our fam, picked up the pups, and drove home in the wind, rain, and snow to cuddle on the couch with some soup.

How was your Christmas?


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