Monday, December 10, 2012

Life So Far

Now that you've slogged through all five of my moving posts, here are some pictures and thoughts on our new life so far.

The first couple of days were really hard.
Mike and I are both control freaks and he wanted to unpack the whole house himself and I wanted to help and it caused a few arguments.
Living in the chaos of boxes was stressful and seemed like it would never be back to normal.

Living in a town with a Target five minutes away is HANDY.  
We have been there like five times already.

My dad and step mom came to visit the first Saturday and we went to Solomons Island for some food and to walk along the water and drool over the homes there.

This helped a lot and I'm trying to convince Mike to buy a house over there when we do get one.
Except the bridge is terrifying.
Am I the only one scared of bridges?
This one is a DOOZY.

We tried to buy a couch, but they wanted $100 to deliver it a five minute drive and 8-10 weeks to get it to us.
So, we spent that night watching tv on the floor.

Mike took me to his two favorite restaurants here and I fear I may become obese.
They were GOOD.

My dad and step mom aka The Ikea Fairies showed up on Sunday with a pull-out couch they bought us from Ikea as a temporary couch for the living room and a pull-out for guests in the office.
No more sitting on the floor for us!
(They rock)

We went to a Christmas fair thingy at Flat Iron Farm and I got to pet a baby pig and stare at cows and watch a woman grab a watusi's horn and silently hope she get gored.
I was more excited to see the animals than most of the little kids there.

We have actual plans for 3 days this week.

It's freakishly hot in our apartment and we haven't touched the heater yet.

It's starting to look more like a home every day.

We miss our house.
And friends.
And family.
And I need a job something awful.
But we like it here.


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