Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Big Move - Day 1

Okay, so our move wasn't that exciting.
Lots of sitting in a truck.
Eating in a truck.
Driving in a truck.
Then walking the dogs.
Then sleeping.
But rather than shove all five days into one post.
I'm going to spread it out.
Because....I can.

Day 1!

Day 1 had the big goodbyes with my mom and sister (no tears, I may be dead inside).
And a looong drive from California to New Mexico that totaled 615 miles and took us like 14 hours (we stopped a lot).
This was Gizmo's first day being drugged up (poor corgi barfs in car rides so we drugged him with doggy dramamine).
He slept and drooled the entire 615 miles.
Tuffy, on the other hand, climbed all over the truck for hours trying to find a back seat (there wasn't one).
We stopped for Chipotle for dinner and after I ran in, got our food, noticed some dudes checking me out (still got it after hours in the car covered in dog hair), I got back to the truck to realize that a very important button in my top had been undone the whole time.
Hey Chipotle lady, I would have told you if you were flashing cleav.
Thanks for nothing.
(The burrito was delicious though).


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