Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Big Move - Day 5

Annnnd we're done!

Day 5!

The last day of our trip we drove from Virginia to Maryland for a total of 231 miles.
Before we left Virginia, we met up with my dad at a gas station on the way so he could follow us there and help unload the car (handy!).
He met us at the gas station wearing his favorite jester hat.
That scared the bejeesus out of Gizmo who tried to then murder his grandpa through the car door.
The drive from where we met my dad (Frederick, VA I think?) to our new home was gorgeous.
Farms, trees, grass, cows, horses...just gorgeous.
It made my HOLY SHIT WE'RE MOVING ACROSS COUNTRY AND I HAVE NO JOB heart palpitations calm down a bit.
And our apartment is cute.
Even if the people who work there are not super nice and there is no storage and it wasn't the apartment Mike was shown and the next day I found a ton of horrid reviews online about the joint.
(Apartment living, how I have not missed you)
It's still 1,200 square feet, we can afford it, it's a 4 mile commute to Mike's work, there is a dog park on the premises, two free gyms, and our neighbors are nice and quiet.
We can do 14 months here!
Unloading the truck took a year.
My dad can lift some heavy shit.
That 65 year old dude is not joking around.
And Mike apparently counts the stairs when he is carrying things up them.
There 19 up to our apartment in case you were wondering.
And if I don't get fed and then have to carry heavy things I get BITCHY.
But a beer, a Five Guys burger, and pj's helps.
And now we're home?


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