Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Big Move - Day 3

Sick of this yet?

Day 3!

We were sick of the truck at this point.
Everything smelled like dog sweat.
We drove from Oklahoma to Tennessee for 635 miles.
Because we were driving to Jackson, TN I kept singing the song Jackson from Walk the Line, but I only know the line, "We're going to Jackson" so I sang that over and over.
My husband is a lucky man.
We drove by the memorial for the Infant Baby Jesus of Prague.
Which I found intriguing.
Does Prague have a different Jesus than us?
And why is he being memorialized in Oklahoma?
Also, we started to see a LOT of porn factory outlets.
Which I didn't know existed.
And they are huge.
And usually across the freeway from the Infant Baby Jesus of Prague.
Or a giant cross.
This was a weird stretch of highway.
By the time we got to Tennessee, we finally got to see trees.
Which made us even more excited for our final destination.
Side Note:  Don't order avocado on your subway sandwich outside of California because they put guacamole on it, not fresh avocado.  Yuck.
Also, this is where it started to get cold.  
Like puffy jacket cold.
Thank G for early Christmas presents!
Day 3 was also the first time we got to our hotel room before 10/11pm so we were able to walk over to the a gas station, get a beer, and watch some tv in bed while the dogs wrestled.
Oh how we needed a beer by this point.

This baseball hat actually fits my head!  (That's kind of a big deal)
I tried really hard to take a picture of Memphis because it was pretty, but yeah...cell phone pics in  a moving car are not great.
Enjoying our beers in bed


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