Thursday, June 13, 2013

What I Wore

I wore an actual outfit two days in a row this week so far!  It wasn't gym clothes and it wasn't pajamas...amazing!  Fair dues though, it was the same outfit two days in a row.  I'm still technically unemployed (for two more weeks) so you can't expect me to put THAT much effort into my clothing, right?  And yes, I only curled the top layer of my hair.  Baby steps people...

I can't resist a good twirl.

And sassy face for days.

Top:  J.Crew Factory
Skirt:  Banana Republic Factory
Belt:  Banana Republic Factory
Shoes:  Forever21
Necklace:  Gift, Etsy


  1. You look cute, i'm in love with your skirt and shoes. And i kinda like your hair like this :D
    Congrats on your new job!!!!!!!

    x Audrey