Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I feel like I have a lot going on and yet I also have nothing to blog about.  Weird.  So, I'm going to link up with Sami for her weekly weekend recap.  Here's a peek at my silly little weekend!

I had a second interview on Friday (this counts as our weekend because Mike was off work) and lunched afterwards at The Lotus Kitchen.

We then ran a bunch of errands including a really horrible attempt at finding bathing suits locally.  Strike OUT.

I found out later in the day that I got the job!  Squeeeee!  Mike heard me squeal on the phone when I accepted and greeted me with a giant glass of wine to celebrate as soon as I hung up.

Saturday, we headed out in the rain to the Crab Festival.  It was a bummer that the weather was so bad, but the crab was GOOD and it was cute to see the crab races, car shows, and other silly small town things.  And I always get a thrill from walking around with an open beer in my hand.

After the festival, we ran some more errands, tried to find Mike a bike locally (strike out #2 for the weekend), and then stopped into Blue Wind Gourmet for some beers and talks about the future (my favorite kinds of talks).

That night, we had my big celebration dinner at Cafe Des Artistes where we ate and drank WAY too much and ended up in bed with a movie by 8:00pm.  It was perfect.

Sunday, we went to the gym where I ran my fastest mile ever (I'm not telling you the time, it's still pretty damn slow), and then ran a buttload of errands and got lunch at the newest sandwich place in our area Potbelly Sandwich Shop (so good!).

After unloading our 8 trillion groceries and eating lunch, we decided to break in our lovely apartment pool.

Which resulted in this:

Smooth move, babe.

After we doused Mike in aloe, we hung out with the pups outside for a bit and then spent the rest of the night watching X-Files, eating delicious Italian sausages from the farmers market, and freaking out over houses in the area in our price range.

How was your weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. I'm so glad you got the job!! Congrats!

    I'm like your look from the crab festival, such a beautiful top.
    We went on a little vacation to the Netherlands this weekend.

    x Audrey

    1. Thanks so much Audrey! The top is from Target! Ohhh your trip sounds great!


  2. Congrats on the new job! Wine is a perfect way to celebrate.
    That sun burn looks like it hurts. This irish/German has felt that pain before.
    Stopping by from the bloghop!

  3. OMG your dog is so cute! I just made the plunge and bought a house with my bf after years of apartment living...what an amazing feeling! Good luck on your house hunting:)


    Boho Bunnie

    1. Thanks so much Andrea and congrats on the house!!!