Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thoughts From My First Week Of Work

- Driving yourself around is not fun.
- I don't know where gas stations are here and/or what kind of gas this car takes
- There is a point on the bridge during my commute where all you can see is the bridge in front of you and the sky above you and if feels like you're floating and it's terrifying
- Wearing normal clothes all day is not fun...I miss stretchy pants
- I instantly get fatter the second I get a desk job
- Wearing shoes all day is obnoxious
- I am going to be a horrible working mom...I broke down in tears on Tuesday because I missed the dogs so much
- I miss a lot of internet goings on during the day now that I work on a county monitored computer
- Wearing dresses with flats instead of heels because my office is casual makes me feel stubby and not as cute...but my feet appreciate it
- I ain't wearing jeans during the summer no matter how casual our office is
- I'm a control freak (duh)
- Being able to walk around your office and see a lighthouse, water, and boats is a good way to relax during a stressful day
- I find myself distracted during the day wondering what the otters are doing
- InDesign is not a fun program to learn
- There is not a comfortable desk chair on the planet, they all just KILL my back
- When you leave a job and don't leave behind instructions or contact lists, you are not my friend
- Don't hire someone right before a huge event that will keep you distracted and not able to train them
- Having a view of one of your dream homes and a cute dog from your desk makes bad moments a little better
- I am just destined to always be the only cold person in my office...cardigans in summer for life!
- Having your own office with three windows is way better than sitting at a reception desk all day

- And lastly, unemployed/employed, I'm always gonna be a whiner apparently...this was not a good week for Mike to cut me off cocktails


  1. I completely understand the missing your doggies part. I am scared I'm going to cry when I get a job and have to leave them behind.

    1. We get so upset and then I'm pretty sure they just sleep all day!