Tuesday, January 21, 2014

30 Day Closet Remix Week One

I mentioned here that I was starting a 30 Day Closet Remix on Instagram in order to inspire some new outfits from my own closet and to not buy anymore unneeded (but really, aren't all clothes needed?!) pieces of clothing for at least 30 days.Week one has been pretty hard actually. My forte is mixing and remixing dresses and skirts and week one was COLD. Actually cold enough for me to wear pants almost the whole time. And really, there are only so many ways you can remix the same sweater. But, I didn't buy anything this week so that's something right? Here are week one's outfits in case anyone cares.

And dammit all to hell it's supposed to snow today so I'll have to wear pants again. Lesson learned, do remixes during the summer!

I thought I may run into a fancy board member at work this day so I wanted to look a little nicer. I felt pretty dang boring, actually.
Dress:  Forever21, gift
Sweater:  Gap
Necklace:  Premier
Shoes not shown:  Dillards (black wedges)

Is wearing your husband's sweater cheating on a closet remix? We share the same closet so I say no!
I personally really love the crazy neon necklace with a traditional fair isle sweater.
Sweater:  JCrew, Mike's
Leggings:  Ann Taylor Outlet
Necklace:  OASAP, gift
Boots:  Steve Madden, gift

I felt really cute and comfy in this one. The slit in the skirt made me feel less maxi dress dumpy and more maxi dress sexy.
Dress:  ASOS, gift
Sweater:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  Clark's, gift

This outfit is pretty dang boring without the necklace...
Sweater:  Shop Sosie, gift
Jeans:  Uniqlo
Boots:  Steve Madden, gift
Necklace: JCrew, gift

I wear this dress constantly, I loved pairing it with oxblood accessories.
Dress:  Zara, gift
Scarf:  Etsy, gift
Boots:  Hunter, gift
Socks:  Urban Outfitters
Earrings:  JCrew Factory

Boring outfit, ugly picture. I wore a coat most of this day so it really was all about the earrings.
Sweater:  Forever21
Jeans:  Uniqlo
Boots:  Steve Madden, gift
Earrings, OASAP, gift

Who am I to lie to anyone? This is what I wore all day yesterday so it's part of the 30 days!
Top:  Disneyland
Leggings:  Ann Taylor Outlet
Thassit. I look horrid.


  1. The outfits are adorable!
    I always love a big statement necklace!