Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Still reading the 4th Outlander book...I'm slow.

Writing: Not much other than this blog.

Listening: To Mike cooking a chicken in the kitchen, the dogs running around, and the washing machine going and a few minutes ago, I was listening to the second Hobbit movie because our base theater had an extra showing today. Do not ask Mike what he thought of the scene with Bilbo and Smaug. Do not.

Thinking: That I'm kind of brain dead right now.

Smelling:  Nothing, but about 2.5 hours ago I was smelling the hot dogs at the movie theater and they smelled AWFUL.

Wishing: That this work week will be better than the last and that the ice covering our apartment roads will thaw by tomorrow morning.

Hoping: Same as always...not internet appropriate...for now.

Wearing: Pink pajama pants given to me as a gift at my bachelorette party and a long sleeved grey tee.

Loving: That my husband is making his first fancy Sunday dinner; a new tradition he wants to start. This first week is roasted chicken and root vegetables from Ad Hoc At Home.

Wanting:  A glass of wine and clarity.

Needing: To figure out how to get the text to curve the way I want it to in the Annual Report I'm designing.

Feeling: Tired and worried and happy all at the same time. Chicks are complicated.

Clicking:  IMDB to see who played the skin changer guy in Hobbit and I just googled substitutes for kitchen twine.

A couple other things...

Mike finally used his new moscow mule mugs to make me my first moscow mule and oh man, tasty. 

Don't have leftover chinese for breakfast. Just don't.

What?! The quote on the back is the best part.



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