Thursday, January 23, 2014

Revolt Move of the Week

On Monday, I started doing the Revolt workouts again.  You'll remember Revolt from back in March and April when Mike and I did a six week diet and I did her exercise program. I decided to stop doing it when Mike convinced me to add much more weight training to my workout.

Recently, we've gotten in kind of a workout rut. I've been horrible at cardio since we can't run outside in this weather. Well, if we were Kara we would run outside in this weather, but we ain't. I hate running on the treadmill so I've been a big slacker about it. Mike also had us stop going to our big gym and now we workout at the tiny apartment gym and since then I've just sort of lost steam. I've put on a little bit of fat and it's made me miserable so I really need to up my fat burning workouts.

So I re-started Revolt starting yesterday and holy hell I'm sore. Which is pretty awesome because being sore always makes me feel great and motivated. It means you got off your ass and did something!

I'm not doing the diet because I just cannot be a dieter. I will work out hard in the gym so I don't have to diet. I'm doing my smoothies for lunch and trying to cut back on fatty crap in general, but Mike and I find so much joy through food, we're just not willing to diet to be skinnier. I say "we" like Mike couldn't eat anything he wanted and still have a six pack. Bastard.

In honor of Revolt being so damn awesome and to motivate myself to keep it up, I'm going to post my favorite Revolt Move of the Week every week. Nichole always adds new and interesting moves to her workouts to keep you from getting bored and I wanted to share them with you guys!

This week's move of the week is a hamstring move that I've never done before. It looks easy peasy, but it killed my hamstrings, let me tell you.

And now let's see the world's most awkward workout photos...

Seriously though, where was I supposed to look? Ugh, awkward.

So you just roll the ball up to your butt so your butt goes in the air and then roll it back out until your knees are locked. You feel it like crazy in your hamstrings.


And make sure to check out Revolt...duh.


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