Saturday, January 25, 2014


The weather forecasts here call for snow quite a lot. And it never snows. Or it does, but it's really just mushy precipitation that doesn't stick or look pretty at all. So earlier in the week when it called for a lot of snow, we weren't sure what to expect. And then it didn't just snow, it SNOWED. I mean for here, this isn't Canada status or anything, but it was a lot for our little neck of the woods.

It was beautiful and dreamy and cold and we got to stay home from work Tuesday and snuggle up and Gizmo ran through the snow like a crazy snow fox and it was amazing.

And then it didn't melt like it normally does. It was freezing ass cold outside and everything turned to ice. So we tried to drive to work Wednesday and slid around two corners and gave up and went home.

Today is Saturday and it still hasn't melted. The streets are no longer icy where we live, but everything else is still covered in this hard, dirty snow, covered in dog pee and it's no longer pretty or amazing it's just flippin' cold and inconvenient.

And yet Mike is still super excited that today's forecast says there's a 30% chance of snow. We're desert kids, we just can't help ourselves, I guess.

Side note:  It's been averaging 70 degrees back where we moved from. Here, it's been in the low 20's. Hmph.

Mike grabbed the camera and ventured outside the first night. My favorite part of these photos is you can see how fast the wind was moving the snow around. It was a pretty crazy storm.

My view from the gym the first night, icy pool.

I do not enjoy waking up to this on my phone! Brrrrr

The view out the front door of my office at work.

Snow corgi

Snow pug, he hates it so much.

P.S. A couple hours after I wrote this it effing snowed. Which is both annoying and awesome because it covered up the ugly, old, pee-covered snow. 


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