Friday, September 19, 2014

10 Happy Things

I was going to write a whole post whining about how hard and long my week was and bitching about work conferences like a giant whiny turd. But instead, I'll steal Betsy's blog post idea and write about 10 things that are making me happy right now.

Here it goes!

1.  It's Friday!  That's a given, but seriously, it WAS a long week and Friday means beers and tv with my boys and getting to sleep in tomorrow. So so happy.

2.  It's Fall! I promise not to become one of those bloggers that waxes poetic about Fall and pumpkins, but it was a crazy hot and humid summer and I'm pretty excited about layers and hot drinks and the holidays. And this Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest beer in my hand doesn't hurt either.

3.  That we have visitors coming soon! And most of our trip is planned around food and beer!

4.  Christmas in Disney World! That is forever away, but not really and I seriously cannot wait.

5.  Lunch with my husband today. Working in the same city again is really nice and being able to meet up for some free food provided by my employer is even nicer. Bonus that it's crazy delicious.

6.  My daily dog walker photos. I can't help it, they make me laugh so hard and definitely make me happy.

7.  That I have my work laptop to use since I came home from my trip to find that my desktop won't turn on anymore. I cannot go all weekend without computer access!

8.  That I work for a company who puts a lot of money back into their company and their employees and who put on a pretty damn sweet conference and awards dinner.

George Lopez hosted our awards dinner and he was pretty friggin' awesome.

9.  Arrested Development on Netflix. Yep, we're the last people to watch it.

10.  Signing into Facebook and seeing that my friend E was cast in an opera, go E!


  1. haha love that your walker sends you photos. mine leaves me notes and it's always the best thing to come home and see "great walk with Charlie - he almost caught a squirrel! #1 only" on the pad on the console in the foyer.

    1. I am nuts and was super nervous about having someone else walk my dogs so I asked her to text me the first week and she just kept doing it. She's nuts about her dogs too, so she gets it thankfully.