Monday, September 29, 2014

Country Bumpkin Alert

Working in DC can be kind of scary. Is that just totally uncool to say that? Small town bumpkin alert everyone! But yeah, it is kind of scary.

Like, someone got their purse stolen right outside my office last week and there's this homeless lady who sleeps on the stoop of the store next door to my office door every morning and I almost stepped on a dead rat on my walk to work and the streets change name halfway through, but don't tell you and there are ALWAYS people yelling on the sidewalk outside my window, I can never see them, but I can always hear them, and why are they so mad? (No joke, someone started yelling right after I typed that. Well done, DC) I feel bad because I'm not scared of homeless people. Homeless people make me sad. I'm scared of crazy homeless people. The ones walking around talking to themselves all the time. I just feel like they could do something nuts at any moment and I don't like that feeling. And it's just kind of overwhelming sometimes, right? Or is it just me?

But aside from all the other things I love about this city, there are little moments where that remind me that not everyone here is intimidating and scary. Like the garbage man that stopped me from stepping on that rat, or the bell man at the hotel I walk by every day who told me this morning that I have a beautiful smile, or the girl who opened the door at starbucks for me just now because I was too stupid to get out of there with a coffee in each hand, or the guy who held my office door open for me on my way back in (although, you probably shouldn't have let me in dude, I didn't put my security code in yet, I could be a murderer)

Hopefully the intimidation and fear goes away a little more each month I work here and all these little moments definitely can't hurt. (Also, maybe I'll just eventually grow a pair)

My view from work. You may be scary, but you sure are pretty.


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