Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things Driving Me Crazy Right Now

Because not every blog post can be positive, right? And because sometimes it just helps to type it out.

And also, because I'm a whiner.

Things Driving Me Crazy Right Now:

The fact that our vet tech tried to convince us that the dogs both needed a shot we were convinced they weren't due for and did no additional research (aka putting down the file and looking in the computer) to confirm that they were right and we were wrong. So my anal retentive self sent Mike out to the car to get the dog vaccination lists from the vet that I keep in our glove box at all times (because why not) proving that they had the shot quite recently.  Booyah.

That I came home after being away for four days to find that my beloved computer wouldn't turn on. Mike so rarely uses the internet that he didn't notice the whole time I was gone. So now we wait for parts to come in and I think of all the fun internet things I COULD be doing at all times. (I should probably not have a computer)

That I planned ahead and put in our address change to begin October 13th, the day we actually move in and the Post Office started it super early and we haven't gotten any mail at either address now for over a week. Because someone was just too lazy to read a date, I had to go into the Post Office, cancel the address change, and then redo it closer to the date and hope it gets done properly this time. In the meantime, if our commuter passes get lost in the shuffle, I may punch someone.

That I just don't have time to put the effort needed into my styling clients right now with my new job and commute. I'm just too damn tired by the end of the day and right now, our weekend are filled with tasks for the move (or having two beers at lunch and napping the rest of the day, whoops).

That I have to drive to my dad's next weekend. This is a crazy stupid thing to be irritated about, but I rarely drive any more and still don't feel completely comfortable driving the Sonata, especially over THIS bridge.  Urrrrrppppp.

That I have stood in line behind someone asking for triple sour cream and cheese at Chipotle and a caramel machiatto with double caramel and whip at Starbucks. This should not drive me crazy because it's not my business, but STOP IT! 

That's it, I'll stop now. 

Everyone go be happy!

Or whine a bit, whatever.


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