Saturday, September 20, 2014

Things I Learned at My First Work Conference

Things I learned at my first work conference:

Vegas becomes more about coffee with extra shots than cocktails with shots.

I am 100% too old for this shit and since when do these stamps just not effing come off?!
Going to the welcome reception at the club was required, but I only made it for an hour and a half. It was loud in there, man. And I'm aware of how old that makes me sound.

Name tags do not go with cocktail dresses. Nope.

3,000 people is a lot of people. A lot. When we would leave the conference center, it was like a sea of really slow moving people spilling into the hotel.

Get there early because it's going to take an hour and a half just to check into your room. 

It is freezing in the conference rooms regardless of how effing deathly hot it is in Vegas.

You will not need free time clothes, you will have no free time.

It can be really lonely when you're new even when surrounded by 3,000 other people.

Once I hit my 18th hour of being awake and on my feet, if I can't find my room, I may tear up like a giant, useless sap.

Conference swag is always exciting, even when it's super random. Swag!

When done really well, conferences can be crazy inspiring. 

I'm an old fuddy duddy and will eye roll you wearing leggings and flip flops to the conference even if it's casual.

Also, day drinking is not cute when you're technically at work, kids!

I do not care if my room has 800 mirrors and a giant shower, I wants a coffee maker. (It was basically a sex party room)

When I wear glasses, people are much nicer to me. No joke, I wore glasses on the plane there and back since my days were going to be so long and tiring and I got a bunch of compliments, an offer to ride in one of the airport cars instead of walking, and an offer of a free cocktail on the plane. Am I more likable the more of my face I cover up?!

I will tear up at inspirational videos and my coworkers winning awards. Such. A. Sap.

This sounds mostly whiny, but it really was great and I can't wait to go back as someone that actually knows people and has a group to hang out with. Love my company though, they put on a legit conference.