Monday, September 1, 2014

Life Lately

Life lately has been tiring and stressful and great. I spent the last week on travel training for my new job and missing my boys. Mike is getting used to his commute and helping me prepare for mine. I gained about 10 pounds while on travel (working for a major food chain is a perk and a disadvantage). I learned the hard way that you don't read a bunch of articles about a brutal and senseless rape and murder right before going to sleep alone in a hotel. The dogs have gotten a new best friend aka their daily dog walker who is amazing and makes my life so much easier. We've been wrestling with where we're going to live when our lease is up 6 weeks. And it's hot as all hell balls here.

Here are some photos.

Our dog walker is okay with my intense crazy and agreed to text me every day her first week with the dogs. She included photos because she's awesome and these texts made my days while on travel. I think the dogs like her, what do you think?!

My favorite picture ever. This guy.

Mike has taken to buying metro roses every Friday and it makes my week. Thanks metro man and thanks Mike!

Off to the airport! I look so calm and collected, but really I'm a mess until I get to my gate.

The wine bar in Dulles is just as good as I dreamed. Cheese plate and two glasses of wine for dinner pre-flight? Yes please!

My walk to work every morning in Denver was pretty dang cute.

I can't help myself.

Texts from Mike of my babies were much needed. These guys...

My boys. Mostly this picture is about pug bits...


Not hating your new haircut AND being able to style it like your inspiration photo a week later? Priceless.


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