Thursday, September 11, 2014

Daydreams on the Drive

The route that our morning bus driver takes on our commute to work winds through the back roads of Maryland and up into DC. We spend about an hour passing farm house after farm house, open fields, and horses who've just woken and stepped out of the barns. I find myself every morning lusting after these homes and daydreaming about a life in one of them.

There is one tiny white clapboard house in some small town whose name I don't know that sits right next to a rundown grocery store. Usually I would probably look at something like that and think how dirty it was it how scared I would be to live somewhere so remote, next to unsavory looking businesses, but during our morning drive, that little house looks cute and quaint and I can picture settling there and walking over to the dusty grocery in the morning for some eggs or milk.

Maybe one day we'll brave the daily commute on those back roads (the bus doesn't stop there so we'd have to drive every day) and leave the city for some land and a chicken coop with room for our dogs to run and hypothetical kids to play.

(But in reality, one must ask, how close is the nearest Target?)

See what I mean? Dreamy.


  1. holy cow, how long is your commute? hope you have some good books... or needlepoint... or something!

    1. 2 hours just on the bus...hence why we're moving to NOVA in a few weeks. It's a bear! I usually read the whole time. I'm still working on the Outlander series so it's a nice excuse to power through those. Lots of people actually sleep the whole two hours and have trained themselves to wake up when we get to their bus stop, it's amazing!