Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another Opening, Another Show

So, the title of this blog post should be "another move" or something like that, but everyone knows how much I love Smash and I constantly have their songs in my head including this one today, so there it is.


We moved again!

Three days, 1,686 miles, and one dog barf later, we are in our new home in Denver, Colorado. This move was definitely easier than the last one where we had to drive a giant Uhaul towing our car across the country, but it still was not easy. I love those dogs you guys, but ugh. They make moves not so pleasant. But we're here! And my "holy shit we moved here for me and what if we hate it" panic attack is not as bad as anticipated so that's good...right?

Day 1, we drove from Triangle, Virginia to Evansville, Indiana. I think moving across the country is kind of like childbirth or getting a tattoo. After it's over, you forget how horrible it was and don't even hesitate to do it again. A couple hours in, the car was covered with dog hair, it smelled like dog butt, and Tuffy kept jumping from lap to lap and wouldn't sit still. Thankfully, we had candy and the Disney Pandora station to lift our spirits and no shortage of very nice rest stops along the way. Side note: is California the only state with horrible rest stops?!

The only truly bad part about that day's drive was that a good chunk of it was on a curvy and hilly road that lead to this little munchkin barfing all over his bed in the backseat. We pulled over, got him all cleaned up, forced another car sickness pill down his sad gullet, and refused to let him sit in the backseat the rest of the trip. Thankfully, that was our only barf of the trip which is pretty good for little Gizmo.

Day 2, we drove from Evansville, Indiana to Salina, Kansas. The dogs were a lot better on day 2, mostly because they were exhausted and slept a lot more. Kansas looked exactly like you think Kansas looks. We drove by the town where my brother-in-law went to college, and watched a bunch of 30 Rock on my phone. The best part of day 2 was that we got to our hotel super early and Mike ran back out to get us some Kansas bbq and local beers. We sat in our giant hotel bed (we need a king bed at home, STAT) and watched Brooklyn 909 on my laptop while eating DELICIOUS bbq and drinking beers. That is the way I like to move.

Day 2, I also realized this is what I looked like when I checked into our hotels and that's probably not great. I'm not a crazy person guys, I swear.

Day 3 aka last day! We drove from Salina, Kansas to Denver, Colorado. We were pretty over it by this point. I mean, check out Tuffy's face, he was sick of the damn car. The only bad thing about day 3 was that there were long stretches with nothing out there so we ended up STARVING and having a late lunch. We were ridiculously excited to find a Del Taco when we got into Colorado. We can't help it, we love us some veggie works burritos and we've missed them living on the East Coast! We headed off to the Post Office to get a money order because we're geniuses and packed our checkbooks before we left for Denver. We signed our lease and now we're home! 

Our apartment is super cute and super small and super new and I can't wait until we get our furniture so it can feel like more of a home. Be good to us, Denver!


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