Thursday, March 5, 2015

Commuter Thoughts - Fashion Don'ts

I spend a huge chunk of my commute non-creepily checking people out and either judging or being inspired by their fashion choices. Based on that, here are some things I've decided are giant no-no's.

(This blog has really just become a place for me to show my true bitchy colors, hasn't it?)

White Tights
White tights on adults really bother me. Unless you're a nurse or going to dance class, leave the opaque white tights at home.

Fishnets at work. Unless you are a dancer or in a Halloween costume, you shouldn't be wearing fishnets. Ever.

Novelty hats on adults. Unless it is some kind of holiday I guess? Nope, still not okay. If you're over the age of 12, just wear a normal hat.

Sequin uggs. I don't think this needs an explanation...

(All the photos for this one were just too mean)
Pants or boots that are way too tight. I am not the skinniest minnie on the planet so I understand how hard it can be to buy pants that fit properly or boots that fit your calves right if you aren't stick thin. But ladies, don't squeeze yourself into things that don't fit. It only brings attention to areas you don't want attention brought to and it looks super uncomfortable.

Wearing sunglasses inside on the train. Unless you are currently having a migraine that makes seeing light painful, you don't need to be wearing sunglasses indoors or on the train.

Tucking baggy pants into boots. I usually give people that do this the benefit of the doubt that they are only wearing those boots for their commute and when they get to work, they put normal shoes on underneath their pants. But if you aren't, stop it.

Socks with flats or Sperry's. Maybe I'm the only one who hates this, but I totally do.

Socks that show over the top of your boots. This cool for a hot minute a couple of years ago and some people will not let it die.

Saggy pants. I can't believe this is still a thing. I have never understood why dudes think it's cool for everyone to see your tiny little butt. Also, it makes you walk like a penguin. I saw a guy's pants fall down on the street the other day because he was wearing them like this and it made my whole year.

What fashion trends drive you nuts?

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