Friday, March 6, 2015

Stuff Lately

Random stuff, ready go!

I walk by this dress in the Loft window every day and I may be having a love affair with it
Stripeblock Shirtdress | Loft

On his lunch break the other day, Mike bought us this really nice bottle of wine that has special meaning to us to open our first night in Denver. And then he proceeded to drop it straight onto the concrete steps of his work. And it didn't break. Moral of the story:  wine is magic.

I've given up trying to grow out my hair color and am going to dye it dark again the second I get to Denver. Reverse ombre is not cute.

Our second week in Denver, we already have more things planned than we've done pretty much the whole time we've lived here.

I have finally figured out a way to get my hair to stay curly/wavy and not get super poofy and it's curling it with a straightener which people have been doing for years, but I'm slow okay shut up.

I haven't worked out in about 6 months and I'm actually kind of excited to have a gym in my apartment complex in Denver so I can lose some pudge. I bought myself this super cute outfit as motivation:

The pants are super cute foldover pants and I will not wear them with a cameltoe like the model, I promise.

It snowed like crazy yesterday and we had to come to work super late this morning because the effers didn't plow our street until 6:30 this morning. And they left about 2 inches of ice. It was a harrowing drive to the train station, let me tell you.

And then I got into DC and all the sidewalks in my neighborhood are just ice rinks. If I don't break my ass today, it will be a miracle.

I caught the dogs spooning the other night and the look on Gizmo's face when he realized I was taking a photo was priceless.



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