Saturday, March 14, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm sitting on our couch with a pug to my right and a corgi at my feet. I have my computer on my lap so I can blog and shop for zip ties and replacement squeakers on Amazon (riveting shopping, folks) and I'm watching The Office on Netflix. (I will never ever get sick of watching The Office and neither will Mike) I'm wearing my Spring pjs (as in no flannel) because it's not freezing here (wahoo!) and my feet are killing me from the last couple of days.

Thursday and Friday we spent on our feet, covered in dust, unpacking our things, deciding what to throw away or donate (the worst), and trying to find a place for everything and get our shit organized. I always forget how awful that part of the move is. Your house is a mess and, especially when you're downsizing, you have to figure out what you're okay throwing away which is always hard.

Today, we ventured out to Ikea and Target to get the final items for our new little apartment. We got this print for the living room because Mike put his knee through our big canvas we had up during our move from Maryland to Virginia, this dresser for the bathroom that we plan to paint and replace the knobs with fun ones from Anthro, this shelf to go in between the washer/dryer and the wall for our dog stuff and cleaning supplies (hashtag no storage in our tiny kitchen), this rug for the living room that I'm pretty obsessed with, and a bunch of random stuff not worth linking (unless you really want to know what trashcan we got). We were in that joint for like 3 hours and didn't kill each other, which is a feat, and also their hot dogs are tasty and cheap so go Ikea.

We then headed off to Target to get some groceries finally and a bunch of other random shit. I forced Mike to buy a little decoration with a "G" on it and his comment was, "Everyone will know for sure know what our last name starts with." because I have bought about four thousand "Gs" since we got married. I can't help it!

Denver is filled with people celebrating St. Patrick's Day which is hilarious because you get to drive by young people dressed in embarrassing green outfits who are drunk already by 3:00pm and you can shake your head and say, "Oh silly kids." and pretend that you weren't doing that exact same thing ten years ago.

The apartment is finally coming together and we are having so much fun exploring our new neighborhood. I'm super nervous for my first day of work on Monday, but I'm ignoring that for now. I can't wait to get all these boxes out of here and the broken furniture that we have to hold onto for the moving company to come inspect in order to pay us back. Urgh, that's a whole other story.

This is a pointless blog post, but that's what's going on with me right now...


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