Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Flu

I've officially graduated from baby fever to baby flu.
With baby fever, you find yourself smiling at babies you see in the grocery store.
You sigh over baby clothes at the store.
You google maternity photo shoot ideas.
You daydream about being pregnant.

With baby flu, you feel sick every time someone mentions the word baby.
You stare at every baby you see in the store like it might try to steal your wallet.
You feel really great one second and totally ready to have a baby and the next second you have the sweats and chills.

While watching Up All Night (which was pretty damn funny by the way) earlier tonight, Mike experienced his first bout of baby flu.
He got a crazy look in his eyes and announced that we should "make a baby tomorrow."
He started ticking off the months on this fingers to realize that we would have said baby in May or June.
Nodded his head said, "At least it wouldn't be hot." And continued watching the show like all was normal.
30 seconds later, he looked at me said, "What if it's a girl?" and made the most horrified face I'd ever seen.

Then he went to bed.
At 8:50pm.

I just took two Tylenol PM with a glass of Pinot Grigio.
We shouldn't be allowed to have children.


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