Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things I Would Rather Be Doing Right Now

I'm really bad at sitting and listening to lectures.  

Especially when my teacher rambles.

And my classmates ask really stupid questions.

These are the things I'd rather be doing than listening to this lecture for two hours.

Watching Six Feet Under.  I know we're incredibly late to the game, but we're recently hooked on this show.

Reading Kendi Everyday.  I know, I'm obsessed with her.

Getting a manicure.  Jessica Alba can come if she wants.
Practicing making babies.  Yeah, I said it.  You'd rather be doing that too, don't lie.

Eating cheese.  I enjoy that she's topless while eating cheese.

Reading the book I foolishly got sucked into right before I went back to school.

Seriously, I hate this so much, I'd rather be running.

16 minutes to go!


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