Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I should have started my class in January
After the holidays.
After Relay for Life.
After O's wedding.
After my family's visit.

But I did not.
So during this class alone, I have Relay for Life all day the day before our first group project is due.
It's due this Sunday.
We don't have a topic yet.
I don't even have my textbook yet.
Then the 4th week, we have our 2nd group project and a final which are both due while I'm at a wedding.

This month/class/day is making me stress out.
Not just stress out.
Like I feel as if my head may detach from the rest of my body and float around.
Like a balloon.
But instead of being filled with helium, it's filled with crazy.

Then I immediately start another class.
The same week my dad, step-mom, and sister come to visit.
And it's Halloween.
And my nephew pug will be dressed as a spider.
These are all very distracting things.

School might be the death of me.

I'm quite the whiner.

Here is a picture of my dogs to cheer everyone up.


  1. I believe that you can conquer classes! I'm planning to endeavor to do the same. (: