Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Boozy Weekend

I've been incredibly stressed out lately.  Starting school during such a busy month has not been awesome and I already feel behind.  I've had quite a few sleepless nights and kind of feel like screaming at the top of my lungs during random intervals during the day.

But I don't.

Praise Jeebus I was able to get away last weekend for a little wine country girl's weekend.

We had a great time, drank some tasty wines, ate some delicious food, talked a lot, shopped, wore some cute clothes, laughed our asses off, and pet a cute little black pug for hours.

We visited Francis Ford Coppola Winery which I always assumed would be cheesy and cheap, but the wine was really tasty and it was actually fun to walk around and look at all the movie chachka they had on display. We also visited one of my new faves Matrix.  This is only my second time at Matrix, but I've quickly fallen in love with the beautiful views, delicious pinot's, and lovely people working the tasting room.  We had a picnic on their patio with some chilled wine and sandwiches, it was perfect.  We finished by visiting Frick Winery.  I love the owner's story, love the quaint and tiny tasting room, am terrified by love the winery cat, and totally enjoyed the wines, especially since I've never heard of most of his varietals. Our other great stop was a brunch at Zazu, one of the top restaurants I've eaten in EVER.  I love this place and it never disappoints.

Overall, it was a much needed happy, relaxy, boozy weekend.

When I arrived home, it was about 15 degrees hotter, I was locked out of my house, and my husband had moved all our furniture into the office to put in baseboards while I was gone and hadn't finished.  I'm currently sitting in front of my computer listening to an incredibly boring lecture for my class and I feel super behind on everything school and work related.

Instead of catching up and/or listening to my lecture, I'm posting pictures on a blog.  Enjoy.


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