Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School Sweet School

I tend to freak out about stuff.
A lot.
As an example, I've been freaking out about school lately.
But, I mean...fair dues right?
I'm working full time and taking 4 week long short classes which include midterms, finals, weekly writing/reading, presentations, and a 20 page paper.

Typing that sentence made me nauseous.

But you know what makes me feel better about school?
My smarty sister giving me pep talks and taking the time out of her day to edit my whole 20 page paper.
My sweet mom telling me how much she likes my presentation.
My tech writer/editor husband editing my presentation and having it done by 8am for me.
My awesome husband also writing me to tell me how proud he is of what I'm doing for our family (swoon)
My friends who I never get to see sending me sweet e-mails.
And getting an A on my midterm and presentation so far.
Please please oh almighty school gods let school keep going this well.

Also, here is a cute picture of Mike and I bowling with my State Farm coworkers on Saturday.


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