Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five For Friday

This has been a weird and stressful week.
But guess what, it's Friday!
So here are the 5 favorite things about this week.


(1) K's healthy/delicious cookies.  I ate like a million while they all played cards.
(2) M's going away dinner/party.  This is him rapping.  He was surprisingly good.
(3) Dog sitting this little monster.
(4) Starting Jillian's 30 Day Shred after quitting about a year ago and actually being able to do it this time.
(5) My new buttons designed by V over at Vicki Christine.  Love them!!

Check out From My Grey Desk Blog for more H54F posts and have a great Friday lovies!



  1. good luck on your diet! loved finding your blog!

    Have a great weekend!! Stop by and say hi!

    1. Thanks Nicholl! No diet for me, just the work out. I enjoy cheese WAY too much!


  2. that button looks great on ya! ;)
    also, jillian's shred is on my to-do list as well. i'm pretty sure its not still in its shrink wrap...hmm?

    1. I love my buttons! Thank you again for your amazingness!

      And you have a good excuse for not unwrapping the shred yet lady!

  3. AHHH, I LOVE pugs but have never had one! My neighbor has 2 and so I get my "pug fix" by visiting him next door!

    Great blog and great layout from your new follower!

    Katie from Life's Little Things @