Saturday, August 11, 2012


These are admittedly some of the most lazy ass outfit pictures ever taken.
But it was like 84 degrees in our house, I had worked all day, and I'm just kind of lazy.
But I thought my outfit was cute so why not.
I wore this outfit to go see Dark Knight Rises for the second time in two weeks with the hubs.
Because yes, we saw it last weekend and loved it so much that we spent this week watching the first two movies so we could go see it again.
We are nerds.
Anywho, here's my outfit.
(I accidentally ate a whole box of Reese's Pieces that night and realized that is like over 400 calories and now this outfit probably doesn't fit anymore)

My jewelry display behind me is one of my favorite things in my room.

I was too lazy to set up a tripod for full body photos so I stood on my bed.

Lazy crotch.

The classic Val awkward fat face photo.

Top:  J.Crew, Similar
Necklace:  J.Crew via Ebay
Shorts:  F21, Similar


  1. Not a fat face, a gorgeous face! I LOVE that necklace and it looks awesome on you :)
    Pretty Living PDX

  2. Cute outifit! I swoon over that necklace every time I see it!

    1. Thank you! Me too...I always want to put it with every single outfit I have. I might have to get it in another color!