Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Want It Wednesday

This Want It Wednesday, I have a request to myself.
Please please stop freaking out.
Two days ago I started my LAST class towards my Master's Degree.
It's been a long, stressful, (whiny), road.
Starting here.
And I'm less then two months until the end now.
But I can't stop freaking out.
This class is basically the replacement for a thesis since I'm in an accelerated online program.
So two months to do a big ole' project with my partner.
It's the lack of parameters that freaks me out.
The super fast timeline (outline due week 2...week TWO?!) that freaks me out.
The fact that I can't seem to remember a damn thing I learned all year right now that freaks me out.
The fact that I have a partner in this I have to think about for the whole two months that freaks me out.
And just the fact that it's me and I generally quit things when it gets this stressful that freaks me out.
So dear Want It Wednesday Gods, please just let me calm down a little bit.
That's all I want.



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