Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scenes From My Night

I have been spending tonight (and pretty much every other effing night for the past three weeks since this class started) writing a dang paper.
I'm pretty good at papers.
But since this is the fifth time I have had to write pretty much the exact same paper for this class, I'm not too happy about it.
I also keep typing nonsense words and zoning out since I'm so tired.
(Sweet Moses, I'm a whiner!)
So as a momentary distraction from this stupid paper, I'm writing a nonsense blog.
Here is what my night looks like right now:
Candy, chapstick, textbook.  All I need really.

When in doubt, Google.  One guess what my paper is on.

He could give a crap about my paper.

This guy too.

Hopefully the nerdier I look, the better my paper will be.


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