Thursday, August 23, 2012


Last weekend we went to Vegas
It was exactly what we needed
Food, friends, booze, relaxing
It was perfect
Here are some pics
(And yes, the majority of these are crappy cell phone pics, but I am just not that cool type of blogger that takes her fancy camera with her everywhere for quality pics. I  would rather run around with a cocktail in my hand.)

On the way! 

Some outlet shopping (of course)

Apps and cocktails at Diego 
(Fun fact, if you have an awesome waiter here and he likes you, he will advise you to put your name on a list for when the restaurant turns into a night club at 11:30 so you can be VIP.  Which we did.  Then we walked by it at 11:30 on our way to bed like old people.)

Dinner at Burger Bar
(Fun fact, the bloody marys here will make you cry like a little girl.)

Drinks and weird nachos at Red Square

We spent most of our time walking through the casinos stopping periodically for drinks and gambling.  It's my favorite way to do Vegas:  people watching, slots, walking, and drinking.  Hello:  perfect.
This is us relaxing for a while at Pour 24 in New York New York.

We happened upon our new favorite loungy bar in the Bellagio, the Petrossian Bar.  It was super comfy and nice and quiet and the drinks were amazingly delicious.

We walked a lot.  Our feet hurt.  Quick soak in our whirlpool tub before dinner.

Dinner at Bouchon.  There are seriously no words.  Amaze.

Our nice camera literally didn't leave our room (more room for drinks in your hand that way apparently) so here are some pics from the room...we're boring, I know.

I don't know why I love this picture of Jason so much.  Possibly because it amuses me that my husband was taking black and white portraits of his friend while sitting in the hotel room.  Weirdo.

Mike titled this one:  My Wife is Crazy


  1. I really like that yellow skirt you are wearing, it's really cute :)
    Pretty Living PDX

    1. Thanks hun! I get excited finding any time that's appropriate to wear it!

  2. did I spot a Frambroise?
    HELLO FRIEND :) my fav beer of all time :) yum yum.