Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vegas Outfit 1

Full disclaimer:  these are piss poor outfit posts
But, I was not about to lug my fancy camera onto the strip so Mike could take outfit photos of me in front of drunk people
Also, I'm lazy
But I really loved my outfits
So deal with it
I'm so sweet to you guys
The only picture I look normal in...

Goober Face

Top:  J.Crew Factory, Similar
Necklace & Earrings:  Premier, Similar & Similar
Skirt:  Piperlime, Similar
Shoes:  Payless, Similar

Let me just tell you, maxi skirt in Vegas...not the best idea.  There are a lot of effing escalators that you have to hitch up your skirt to get on!


  1. hey girl just found your blog from over at steele happy. love that skirt :)

  2. aww that shirt!! you look so sweet in it!