Sunday, November 3, 2013


Say that title ten times fast, huh?

So, last night I learned about NaNoWriMo via Twitter which is pretty damn cool for all you talented writers out there. (Laura, you better be writing something!!)

And then this morning I saw a fellow blogger post something about NaBloMoPo. Which I learned is National Blog Posting Month. Which is just a fancy way to say, "Get off your ass and blog about something every day this month, you lazy, boring blogger you."

I kind of needed that semi-rude kick in the pants since my blogging muscles have been atrophying hard for a while now.

Of course I'm late to the game...of course.  So I'll try to catch up!

(And this counts as my November 1st post, neener neener)

If you want to learn more about NaBloMoPo, you can read about it on BlogHer or you can get your daily prompts over at The Daily Post. They also have some pretty great daily photography prompts if that's more your thang.

Get ready to get sick of me this month!


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