Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 17 - Life Lately aka iPhone Dump

It is rare that Gizmo does chinfers. He doesn't really like to cuddle.  So when he does, I make sure to take obnoxious photos of it. Also, my foot looks much fatter than it really is...
It's gift wrapping time!!  Did you know that I love to gift wrap? My first job was at a Hallmark and I worked the gift wrapping station a lot and it has stuck with me. The last couple of years, I've tried to do a new and creative theme for my Christmas presents each year. This year is a combination of a couple things I liked from Pinterest and also I had twine left over so...
I kind of absolutely love them and holy crap they're going to be so easy to ship...no bows to smoosh!
People that follow me on Instagram must think I don't ever actually work out whilst at the gym. I do, I swear. I also get very bored in between sets when Mike is not being chatty so I take a lot of photos of my feet. At least I'm not taking photos of myself in the mirror in only a sports bra or something, right? (That would be terrifying and blindingly white, btw)
Recently, we found this amazing general store that sells local art, furniture, and food and we bought chocolate covered whoopie pies and I need more, thank you.
Also, homemade apple juice mixed with rum is as good as you would think it is.
Fun fact.

There is an infestation of lady bugs at my office and no one else thinks that is weird. They are seriously everywhere and I'm hoping it means a crapload of good luck is coming our way.
Also, lady bugs are pretty dumb. If you open the door so they can fly out, they freeze in fear and tuck their legs up into their bodies. So, you live here now I guess, dummies.

This has no point, it's just damn adorable. Pug wrinkles!



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