Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 4 - Some Stuff

I have a blog post all ready that I actually put a good amount of work into and I left it at work.  Whoops.


Here is some stuff...

I have been way too interested in the goings on at the National Zoo lately.  Like the panda cam?  I mean really, that little bugger is cute.  And the tiger cubs took a swimming test today and it was adorable.

And oh man, if you have a job in social media and ever get frustrated, just read the comments on the National Zoo's'll find your job MUCH less stressful.  Their fans be crazy.

I recently caught myself adding a bunch of leggings to my Amazon wishlist.  Because I guess I'm just resigned to being too fat for normal pants.  But seriously, they're so cute and comfy.

My best friend's wedding pictures came back yesterday and they are dreamy and beautiful and oh man, she should just walk around the world day in and day out dressed like a bride because she is drop dead perfect gorgeous as one.

I totally print-screen stole this photo from the photographer's website. Because I'm ghetto. (I'll buy some I swear) BUT SERIOUSLY HOW BEAUTIFUL IS SHE?!  Also, my hair.  My hair rocked. 
Okay I'm done.

I ate a bunch of Chinese food for dinner and I'm so bloated that my back hurts.
I did not include a picture with that one.  You're welcome.

Instead of just wearing pants in the winter like a normal person, I've started putting big, cozy sweaters over my spring dresses.  I, without fail, get a comment every single time from one of my coworkers about how cold I'm going to be, but I've stayed pretty toasty, I'm not wearing pants (which I hate to wear), and I look cute so...I'm happy!  I'm calling it Schlumpy Spring.

And finally, FALL!  We have a fall here!  And it's gorgeous!  Holy crap!
(I'm from the desert, this is exciting to me)


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