Sunday, November 17, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 15 - This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading:  recipes to make next week.  Pretty excited for this one.

Writing:  our grocery list. Why does my grocery list spreadsheet make me so happy?  No one knows, but it so does.

Listening:  to Parenthood playing on Hulu in the background.

Thinking:  Thank God I found some leftover copy paper in an old box or I wouldn't have been able to print out my grocery list and THE WORLD WOULD HAVE ENDED. (dramatic)

Smelling:  the fresca sitting next to me. I know it's too early in the morning for that, but what are you gonna do.

Wishing:  that I didn't have to go to the gym.  My husband is a slave driver.

Hoping:  for things to fall into place (they never do, do they?).

Wearing:  my super old VS Pink pjs bottoms, a too-big white racer back tank, and a leopard cardigan.  Maybe I should stop writing these before I shower and get dressed?

Loving:  that all I have to do today is go to the gym, grocery shop, and then spend the rest of the day watching tv and wrapping gifts.

Wanting:  to take a shower...stupid gym screwing up my morning.

Needing:  to clean up the mess I just made in the office trying to find copy paper.

Feeling:  happy/sleepy

Clicking:  Food52's Pinterest page for recipe ideas.

This is what I currently look like.  Sexay!



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