Saturday, August 16, 2014

$15.00 Off Glasses at Firmoo!

Hey Guys! I was given a code by Firmoo for $15.00 off any of their new arrivals glasses and wanted to share it with you lovely four eyed nerds (takes one to know one).

The first 5 people to use this code:  3c25806572 will be able to get $15.00 off any of the glasses found here.

I've talked about Firmoo a bunch of times on here because I think they're pretty darn great. I actually wore a pair of their glasses to the eye doctor the other day. He complimented them and said, "Whew expensive." I didn't correct him even though those suckers were about $30 with the lenses!

Gizmo likes Firmoo too.

If I was going to use the code, here are the ones I would choose between:

My favorites!

The code is good until August 31st. Happy shopping!

(This isn't a sponsored post, I was sent the code because I've worked with them in the past and got to choose whether or not I wanted to share it. Of course I did, I love you nerds!)


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