Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Lately in Photos

Annnd here are some boring photos!

I text Mike random photos like this of the dogs while he's at work. Doesn't that hurt your neck, Gizmo?

Seen at the Freer Gallery.

I think the dogs miss Mike a little.

I visited the Freer Gallery for the first time and it was so quiet and peaceful and calm in there, I could have laid down on one of the benches and had a lovely nap.
I love the Unspirational instagram account. This is one of my fave posts. (No burn meant towards people who are ACTUALLY allergic to gluten, but most of you are not and you're just obnoxious.)

The face Tuffy gives me when I kiss him while he's asleep. 

I actually did cardio today. The world might end.


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