Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: The 4th HP book....I don't read enough...

Writing: This blog post, our grocery list, some e-mails, and a kind of fun/different cover letter for a job I'm applying for this morning. (Hire me, I'm awesome!)

Listening: To Mike cleaning up the house while listening to a soccer game, the dogs following him around, and our upstairs neighbors stomping up a storm.

Eating:  Coffee and Mike is going to go get donuts later. DONUTS! I have always had an unhealthy love for donuts. When my mom and dad wanted to get me out of bed to do chores on the weekends, the would do so with the promise of donuts. Worked every time!

Wishing/Hoping:  Obviously for a job. I have 3 in mind that I actually could see myself really happy with. One is just a cool company and a unique experience, one is actually helping people and doing good, and one is with a great company starting really low and hopefully moving into my dream job. Fingers crossed FOR ONE OF THESE DAMN JOBS HOLY CRAP I'M SICK OF BEING UNEMPLOYED. Ahem, sorry about that. Moving on...

Wearing: A blue tank top and pajama shorts. Sexy!

Loving: That we had a successful apartment hunting day yesterday and didn't totally kill each other driving around a town we aren't familiar with for like 3 hours. 

Wanting:  The usual - a job and some security/clarity. Also, this skirt, to get to move into our first choice apartments, this whole outfit and the weather to match, and a trip here with my sister and no distractions (sound good, Laura?)

Needing: To get up, take a shower, and get ready to go run errands. Also, to do some styling, I'm so behind!

Feeling: Tired and anxious, but a little excited. Is it weird that doing up our grocery list puts me in a good mood? It's probably actually the fact that I'm getting a donut later, yep, that's it.

Clicking:  Pinterest, gmail, and apartment listings.



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