Friday, August 15, 2014

How To

How to handle getting rejected from a job you thought you totally had a chance at getting and you rocked the interview for just the day before:

1)  Do not order a pizza even if Pizza Hut keeps sending you e-mails with free bread sticks offers.
2)  Give the dogs baths even if you can't figure out how to hook up the complicated shower thing your husband uses, just use a measuring cup to dump the damn water on them, it'll be fine.
3)  Watch Bye Bye Birdie the Jason Alexander version.
4)  Do your strength training for the day even if your ab workout is super lazy.
5)  Do a bunch of laundry even if your husband later criticizes the wash at which you did the sheets (weirdo).
6)  Eat a piece of cheddar cheese.
7)  Clean the house so it looks all nice and organized when your husband gets home.
8)  Have an awesome husband who buys you metro roses because he knows you're sad.
9)  Be happy that B got great news today.
10) Apply for a shitload of jobs to make up for this disappointment.
11) Drink two strong cocktails and go to bed at 9:15.
12) Just start over and keep going and blerg.

Don't forget to take photos of yourself mid-workout, looking like a total trainwreck.


  1. The cocktail and the applying to new jobs are the best approach I think. Damn them! The job hunt really sucks. :/