Friday, August 15, 2014


Stealing another post idea from The Other Juliette. Because I have nothing exciting in my life to blog about.

Ready, go!

What/When was the last...

...recipe you made?  Bahn mis a couple days ago and I've been eating the leftovers ever since. Oh man, I love bahn mis. We use this recipe, but substitute ground turkey for ground pork. This time, for leftovers, I've been making bahn mi bowls, throwing some brown rice in a bowl, cutting up the meat balls and throwing everything else on top with some feta and cucumbers. So good.

...good decision you made?  Actually getting off my ass and doing cardio on Tuesday was a pretty good decision (and a rare one lately cough cough) and taking the assloads of time to look up reviews on every single apartment on our apartment hunting list turned out to be a good decision since we were able to veto a few. place you went?  I really had to think about this one. I think it's a tie with that random round building in between the Smithsonian Castle and the Freer Gallery that looks super tiny, but when you go in and go down like four flights of stairs you realize it's this giant building filled with classrooms and conference rooms and you get lost and find yourself in a really great African art gallery. That was pretty cool. It's a tie between that Wit & Wisdom in Baltimore. You know how sometimes you go into a restaurant and just feel like it's cool? Like whoa, I am not cool enough to eat in here? This place was like that, but the staff was so friendly that you didn't care that you weren't cool enough and the food was AMAZING and the rich people next to us were being complete turds to the waitress so I felt better for being poor and nice. you watched?  Mike and I are finally catching up on Parks and Rec since we were about two seasons behind and we just started Copper which I'm not 100% sure about yet.

...awesome thing that happened?  I guess getting one new interview and two second interviews this week? That's pretty awesome and awful all at once. Statistically I HAVE to get one of these right?!!

...thing you bought for yourself?  Two cute tops on super clearance at Target about two weeks ago. That's actually a pretty long time for me to not buy something! I even had a cart full of stuff from the online Forever21 sale and I didn't ever pull the trigger. Hashtag poor and unemployed.

...good photo of you?  I actually think I look pretty good in this instagram from a couple days ago. Although, Tuffy looks better (obviously).

...bad decision you made?  Not keeping up with my diet and exercise. Fat asssssss.

...time you were really excited?  I'm pretty excited right now for our day trip to apartment hunt and eat at a new to us tapas place tomorrow.

...time you had a free weekend?  I'm unemployed, every day is a "free weekend" for me which is both awesome and awful. But, to be fair, last weekend was the last "free weekend" for both Mike and I since we had nothing planned and could just hang out at home and run errands.


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