Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Lately

Life the last two weeks has been really just trying to get used to our new lives. Mike and I only really see each other for about an hour and a half every day. Which is pretty weird. We're used to doing everything together - grocery shopping, working out, watching tv, cooking, his soccer games, and yeah we hang out too much, but we don't know very many people here and also we hate most people...

Mike also had a pretty solid routine before he got this new job. And he did pretty much everything in our house. He did all the cleaning, most of the cooking, the laundry, the ironing, cleaning the car, bathing and grooming the dogs. And yes, I'm worthless, but pretty.

Now that he's gone from 6:00a.m. to almost 8:00p.m. every night, he can't do most of those things anymore or his weekends would just be one errand after another. So I actually get/have to do things now. Which is actually kind of awesome. I do the laundry (except his delicates, I'm not allowed) (delicates means fancy clothes, not silk underpants btw), I make dinner and have it waiting when he gets home (I've only cooked one thing he hated and yet ate the entire thing anyways, that guy), I make his lunch for the next day, I feed the dogs and take them for their long morning and night time walks alone which is really boring because I'm used to talking to Mike the whole time on the night time walk, I work out alone (okay, I don't allllways work out, I've been very lazy lately), on days I get up early and take Mike to his bus stop, I take the car and do the grocery shopping alone, I straighten up the house, I clean the kitchen, and I even brushed the dogs' teeth and that was no easy feat. (THAT WAS THE WORLD'S LONGEST RUN ON SENTENCE, I'M SORRY, BUT I'M NOT SORRY)

And I actually kind of loving having to do all that stuff. I feel so much more useful! Also, since I'm currently unemployed and home alone alll day, it makes my day go so much more quickly having so much to do.

Side note:  I would have done all these things prior to Mike's schedule, but Mike is an OCD control freak and I'm just a control freak so I lost. Also, you get pretty damn used to living with someone who doesn't mind and is amazing at everything, so yeah, I'm kind of lazy.

This blog post is making me sound horrible.

Anyways, life lately is me, home with the pups, doing chores, applying for jobs, styling for clients, getting really sleepy from being on the computer, binge watching Orange is the New Black, not dieting enough, not working out enough, making crazy long and detailed apartment lists for our upcoming apartment hunt, and watching old Bachelorette episodes on YouTube (will I ever get sick of Jillian's season? No I will not.)

I got to go into the city with Mike last week for an interview and it was pretty great getting to see his daily commute. The commuter bus is actually really nice and quiet and clean and you can't really complain about a commute if you're not doing any of the driving and just nap and read the whole time. I walked all over, got myself some Starbucks, read on the mall and watched the hot Marine runners (sorry not sorry), and then met Mike for lunch at the farmer's market that his work puts on every Friday. We bought some delicious pizzas and sat under a tree in his work's garden. It was pretty dang nice, I'll tell ya'. I'm so glad Mike has that little garden to escape to if he's having a stressful day and needs to get away from his desk.

After lunch, I walked the couple of miles to the location of my interview and waited around in an air conditioned starbucks. My interview went well (who really knows with these things??) and then I walked back to meet Mike at his bus stop so we could commute home. All in all, I walked about 6 miles in my cute little flats so my feet were killing me, but I felt less guilty about skipping cardio the day before and it was a fun little day!

Next up, we're going to go apartment searching and enjoy restaurant week and I have two phone interviews this week so hopefully good things will be coming soon?

This is a long, rambly blog post. I'm sorry.

The end.


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