Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: The 4th HP book, got through a lot of it during my 13 hour DC day on Friday.

Writing: This blog post and that's it. Not much to write these days other than blog posts and I'm okay with that!

Listening: Mike watching soccer in the other room while the dogs nap.

Eating:  Mike just made single serving coffee cake in a mug for each of us and it was amazingly delicious.

Wishing/Hoping:  For one of the 8 trillion jobs I'm in contention for to work out. Please? And for the whole "moving into a new apartment, moving out of this apartment, people visiting" first 2 weeks of October to go smoothly.

Wearing: A white tank top and white Pink VS pajama bottoms. I have had these bottoms since Jersey I realized. That was an expensive purchase back then!

Loving: That we have gotten to be so lazy this weekend, we are dead tired! I'm also still loving how happy Mike is at his new job. It's so nice to see him come home from work tired, but happy.

Wanting:  The usual - a job and some security/clarity and for my anxiety to lessen. Also, this workout dvd to get my FAT ASS back in shape (good for apartment living, no jumping around), this adorable phone case, this amazing dress from Loft (you had me at faux leather details), this horn necklace, and this haircut.

Needing: To get up, take a shower, and I don't know, do something? I have nothing to do today...

Feeling: Tired and anxious...the usual. Maybe one day I won't type that on here? Hopefully?

Clicking:  The archives of a blog I want to discover from the beginning, Forever21 to put items from their super sale into my cart and then not buy them because, unemployment, and Google Images to lust over haircuts I can't pull off.

A couple other things...

I can't help taking pictures whenever I go into the city. It's just so dang pretty there.

We ended up getting on an early bus home and while waiting at the bus stop, we saw a man set up outside the metro selling roses for only $3.00. Mike walked over and got me some and I love that he picked the prettiest pink ones out of the color options. I carried these pretties home, wrapped in newspaper, for the whole 2 hour bus ride and I've been moving them from room to room with me ever since.



  1. So many times I have started a new workout then realized that the jumping is probably not driving my neighbors or anything!!

    1. We have noisy neighbors upstairs so it makes me extra sensitive to it. I swear, every work out has damn jumping jacks in it!

  2. boo for unemployment. I spent the past two months there. Hopefully something comes along soon! Also, those roses are delightful.

    1. Thank you! I'm coming up on six months, but I have hope!!

  3. Oh I hope you find a job soon! I know how unsettling that can be to your entire life. It kind of takes over. Those roses are beautiful.

    1. It seriously does affect everything, you're right. Thank you!!

  4. The roses are pretty! Sometimes I enjoy doing nothing on a Sunday. I mean, c'mon, Sundays are supposed to be lazy. Right?