Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flashback Tuesdays!

Hi Guys!
Today, I'm linking up over at Whyyyjen for Flashback Tuesdays.
My picture this week is this one:

This is from back in 2008 when hubs and I were just Mike (or the boyfriend) and I.
We were living in Chico while Mike finished grad school.
And we had just adopted our little fur baby Tuffy.
I love this picture because it's so us.
I'm forcing everyone to take a self portrait.
Tuffy looks irritated and terrified.
Mike has a mullet and bangs (he was trying to grow his hair out).
We were a silly little family from the beginning and it's never changed.
Except, Mike has better hair.
And we have a better camera for cheesy self portraits.
And there's an extra fur baby now.
Pictures like this just remind me of how much I love us.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Cute picture! I love looking back at the first picture of me and my hubby. Always cracks me up at how much we have changed!

    1. Right? It's crazy how fast time goes by!

  2. I love your blog design!

    That photo is just precious. You can just feel the love and happiness between you guys. Tuffy seems a bit hassled but it's funny. He doesn't want his photo to be taken. So cute!

    Thank you for joining me in Flashback Tuesdays! See you next week :)