Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chambray (And Also That Skirt Is So Tight It Makes Me Physically Ill)

Everyone should own a chambray shirt.
It should be a law.
Dudes, chicks, old people, babies, everyone.
I wear mine A LOT.
Casual, work, over leggings, over dresses, you name it.
Today, I wore it with a skirt that is so tight, it makes my organs hurt.
But I looked cute.
I mean, not in these pictures, but in reality.
At least I think I did.
Anyways, go buy a chambray shirt.

Such a pleasant face in this photo...

Top:  J.Crew
Skirt:  Forever21
Necklace:  Premier
Shoes:  Arturo Chiang via Dillard's
Similars all down below:

Chambray At Work


  1. I am loving this outfit. I just got a polka dot chambray shirt and I am so excited about it :)


    1. Ohhh where from? That is going to match everything!!