Friday, October 12, 2012

High Five For Friday

For the first time in a long time I actually had too many pictures to choose from for my H54F post.
That never happens.
Because...I'm kind of a whiner and Negative Nelly.
Not this week bitches!
Here are my five favorite things about this week.

(1) Turning off my week day alarm because I actually got Monday (Columbus Day) off.  That felt gooood.
(2)  Old friends coming to's been too long!
(3)  Spending an incredibly lazy holiday in pjs on the couch cuddling with my husband.  This never ever happens you guys.
(4)  Cocktail party success!
(5)  Realizing I can just curl my new short hair.  Duh.

Head on over to From My Grey Desk Blog for more H54F posts and have a great Friday!



  1. your hair looks really cute! i wish i was at home in my ps cuddling with husband right now!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully you're home cuddling right now!

  2. Your hair is adorable :)
    My hair is past my butt, and I'm not coordinated whatsoever with a curling iron..haha.